Fit Man

Our Mission

At Rainbow Beach Health and Fitness, we aspire to help you get the best results you can on whatever health and fitness journey you've embarked upon. When you come to our gym, to lose weight, bulk up, or tone down, that's what we want. Our success comes hand in hand with yours.

We pride ourselves on having a friendly and supportive atmosphere. Our staff, and members are always ready to welcome newcomers to the gym. Ours is a gym where you can reach your health and fitness goals, as well as make lasting friendships that keep you going, even when times get tough.

At Rainbow Beach Health and Fitness, we aim to provide the complete health and fitness package, from day passes to annual gym memberships, plus the addition of sports, remedial, recovery massage in our newly built massage room. You don't have to be a member to enjoy the benefits of our massage. Purchase a day or class pass, and receive a discount on a same-day massage

Strong Man

Health is not about

the weight you


but the life 

you gain.