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Sarah Booth runs programs at Rainbow beach health and fitness to fix back problems, hip issues and more.


The program is called neuroHab and is created by Dr David Johnson of City to Coast Neurosurgery and Functional Movement Training Centre.


You can access the neuroHab program in a variety of formats; small group sessions (ongoing), personal training, and 8 week courses.


Sarah has 20yrs experience in the fitness and Pilates industry and has special interest in rehabilitation, and has been running neuroHab in the area for 5 years.

‘We’ve seen amazing results in many many clients over the years and especially recently since running sessions at the gym which has allowed us to progress and load as needed.  We’re confident that the program works for many people and many different issues. Each person should do a course of neuroHab just to get their technique and function correct to enable excellence in their training.’

Personal training by appointment. Form and function classes - check the current timetable.  

For more info call Sarah on 0432690194 or visit her website

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