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Group Fitness 

Featured Class

Cardio Blast: Get ready to elevate your heart rate and torch calories with our high-energy Cardio Blast class. Incorporating dynamic movements and exhilarating music, this class is perfect for those looking to boost their cardiovascular endurance and overall fitness.

Fitball: Strengthen your core, improve balance, and enhance flexibility with our Fitball class. Using stability balls, this session targets key muscle groups while also improving posture and coordination. It's a fun and challenging way to sculpt your body and improve functional fitness.

Circuit: Experience the ultimate full-body workout with our Circuit class. Combining strength training, cardio, and endurance exercises, this fast-paced session maximizes calorie burn and builds lean muscle. With constantly varied routines, you'll never get bored as you push your limits and achieve results.

Step: Step up your fitness game with our Step class, a dynamic workout that combines cardio, coordination, and strength training. Using adjustable platforms, you'll step, jump, and lunge your way to improved cardiovascular health and toned legs. It's a fun and effective way to sculpt your lower body and elevate your fitness level.

neuroHab: Unlock pain-free movement with neuroHab, our program targeting lower back pain by rewiring your body's movement patterns. Addressing the root cause, not just symptoms like disc herniation, we tackle dysfunctional movement to restore mobility and alleviate discomfort. Say goodbye to lower back pain and hello to functional freedom.

Group Personal Training (PT): Get personalized attention and motivation in our Group PT sessions. Led by Sarah, these small group workouts are tailored to your individual fitness goals, ensuring you receive expert guidance and support every step of the way. Whether you're aiming to lose weight, build strength, or improve performance, our Group PT classes will help you achieve success

At Rainbow Beach health and fitness, we believe that fitness should be enjoyable, challenging, and inclusive. Join us for a class today and experience the transformative power of group fitness!

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